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Red Academy is an online learning platform where you learn how to grow and grow your business online with organic affiliate marketing through social media marketing from your gadget.Red Academy also offers an opportunity to earn scholarships on promotion of the courses available.

You can dream, make, plan, and construct the most magnificent spot on the planet, however it expects individuals to make that fantasy a reality. We Are Here To Make An E-Learning Space Where Everybody Can Find The Best For Them. Red Academy Accepts That Life Is About The Securing Of new Abilities And Putting Those Abilities To construct A bonus Conventional. Red Academy Is a Mission-Based Stage Zeroing in To Welcome Awesome training on Your Plate For the wellbeing of Its Own.

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Our Mission

Make education affordable for every learner Provide employability-enhancing digital skills and skill-based education Partners with experienced industries, MNC's and new and exciting startups to deliver social and economic impact

Soft Skils

  • Business English
  • Business Communication
  • Business Behavior
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Values
  • People Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Conventional Skills
  • Computer Operations and Programming Assistant
  • Functional Tester
  • Many others

Our Vision

Red Academy has come together to provide digital skills and digital schooling solutions across devices and platforms, thereby addressing the issues faced by traditional schooling systems. Provide state-of-the-art technology to assist and support learners in obtaining high quality education, With the help of Red Academy Digital Library, children can accelerate their ability to learn e-learning, Learners will have access to courses like AWS, Azure, DOAC, and Artificial Intelligence, which will enhance career readiness after schooling. Red Academy will provide recognized certificates which will enhance the career prospects of the learners.

Our Goals

Implement national and local education system together and enable students to learn new age digital skills and technical skills as well as learn core curriculum from anywhere and anytime, thereby enhancing their self-employment potential. Enhance the national and local skill development system and enable students to hone their soft skills as well as core skills Bridging the talent supply and job demand gap through upskilling and cross skillingBringing together world class and national level technology firms – and companies – to enable learners to access an advanced, inclusive and hybrid education platform, Translate education into skills and employability through on-the-job training and continuous learning.

Red Stands

Foster Your Abilities, Seek after Your Energy, Have An Effect with Red Academy
A new initiative in formal school education with a big and visionary approach. easy and convenient to use very economical high quality material audio-visual and textual material accessible on multiple devices very secure platform PROTECTED EXAMS AND ASSESSMENTS Assessment data repository remote test advanced by cutting edge technology

on RED ACADEMY Plateform
Students can

  • Attend Live Class
  • Take Digital Exam
  • Conduct experiments With Virtual Librery
  • Assessments and Exams
  • Watch On-demand videos
  • Learn Vocational Course
  • Get Certifications to Enhance Employability
  • Gain English Language Proficiency
  • Acquire Soft Skills
  • Have access to Job boards
  • Secure Jobs
  • Have access to Venture Capital
  • Become Entrepreneurs
  • Highly Affordable

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